Bardon’s Genies and the Magic of Abramelin
by “One of the Hermetic Four”
(translated by Richard Tschudi by permission of Emil Stejnar)
(Note: this article appeared first in the magazine “Anubis” issue 10, December 1988)

A short while ago the Verlag Diedrich issued a new edition of “The book of the “True praxis of
divine magic” by Abraham from Worms. This critical text-edition with commentaries and case
studies shows that there is an increased interest in the classical books of magic, but the real
sensation happened a few months earlier. In a small print-run, a photocopied, inconspicuous
manuscript with the misleading title “Das Schutzengelbuch” (The guardian angel book”) was
published. The author, Emil Stejnar, tells us about a discovery of great importance in the history of
occultism: Franz Bardon, whose books strongly influenced the German speaking occultism in the
first few decades after World War II, drew from the Magic of Abramelin.
The author of the following article sets out to deal with Stejnar and his school of magic. Access to
this magical discipline will be difficult and not easy for many pragmatic magicians; Stejnar feels at
home with the traditional magic and with its spirit model and many of his formulations
(catchphrase: angel) are finding an inner resistance with the generation of magicians of the
outgoing 20th century. But one should not make the mistake to debated worldviews and forget the
praxis: be it: “invoking spirits” , “sending out energies”, “to program the unconscious
parapsychologically or “creating an information field” is only a simile, a symbol of the one and
same procedure. What happens magically, perceived from template of the particular world view at
the times always speaks the language of the receiver. No model is “more right” than the others.
From the practical point of view, Stejnar's method shows great effectiveness, if one believes the
growing number of followers of this method.
Frater Erec
For a few months now, “The Schutzengelbuch” (The Guardian-Angel Book) by the Viennese
occultist Emil Stejnar is causing some furore in the German speaking occult-scene, because what a
fists view appears to be a book full of morals and piety, is in reality a new, highly effective method
of contacting the genies of the Abramelin Magic. The author is a Bardon student who earlier
presented a key to the magic of the Freemasons with his book: “Exerzitien für Freimaurer” (Spiritual
Exercises for Free-Masons). In the “Guardian Angel Book” he describes how one can open the door
to the world of the Genies. With the method of the mystical evocation it is possible for people who
are not trained in magic to contact certain beings or entities.

These Genies were described for the first time by the Jew Abraham von Worms. In 1387 he made
known a few hundred names and the method how the sigils (which are necessary for the evocation)
can be obtained in his book: “The book to the true practice of divine Magic”. Over the span of the
centuries this book was published several times in different editions and with various titles.
Anybody who seriously devotes oneself to magic has sooner or later to grapple with the system of
Abramelin. The book was appreciated like no other, and it seems that many researchers of Hermetics
only got access to Hermetics at all, with the help of this book. Crowley, Papus, Levi and Musallam
were able to evoke their angel successfully with this book. Dion Fortune describes it as the mightiest
and most perfect system of Magic.
Unfortunately the book is in its present German and English editions so mutilated that it became
completely worthless for practical work. Although it is still one of the most sold works of Magic,
Stejnar is after Crowley one of the few persons who were able to contact the Genies – and he
developed a system that can be comprehended and worked successfully by anybody.
Stejnar owes his success to a rare reprint of 1725. Although he actually knew the content already, he
was so fascinated by the old volume that he decided to do the retreat and exercises which last for one
and a half years.
The demands of the ritual are simple and easy to fulfill. Any shaman has to pass through far more
rigorous ordeals than those that Abramelin demands from his readers. The magical utensils are easily
obtainable. Besides a prayer room (oratory) especially dedicated to this work the only other
accessories are: an altar, magical headband, wand, oil and incense. Furthermore the adept has to lead
an honest and secluded life. He or she should during the operation only be active as a social worker,
or do artistic or handicraft work, but should not run a business. Seclusion, fasting, prayer and
meditation will cause to increase the medium ship of the neophyte during the course of the 18
months so that he or she will understand and realize the messages of ones personal genius.
In a special ceremony (a child is meant to be the medium) the sigils of the genies will become visible
on an oil covered silver plate. With these sigils these beings can now be called and are to the service
of the adept.
Let Stejnar speak for himself:
“I observed the instructions of the old book exactly. At that time I was living in a big apartment
house. The apartment besides the apartment where I was living became available I rented that place
and established myself there. I was separated from my family yet close enough to be provided for
with food etc. In this separate apartment I had a sleeping room, a prayer room, and rooms for my
astrological consultation practice. I sold my jewelry business so that I could dedicate my self
completely to the Work. I had no difficulties to lead the prescribed way of life. At that time I was
already on the PATH for 20 years and I was very familiar with the different practices.
During the course of the first year I did not notice any great difference, except for an increased
clairvoyance. This increase in clairvoyance was actually disturbing for my astrological practice.
Only towards the last half-year incidents together with experiences – about which I do not want to

report at this time – happened. They caused an inner transformation. This manifested mainly in more
and more lucid dreams and the ability to leave the physical body consciously after the second or
third dream-phase. Then shortly before the Abramelin operation came to the end the following
I fell asleep during a meditation and was dreaming that it was now the time to perform the ritual of
making visible the sigils. In this experience, I saw in fast sequence the sigils on the silver plate and t
I copied them. In doing so I had the certain feeling that I already knew the sigils. After the tenth sigil
I heard myself saying; “But this Bardon’s “Milon” of the Zone girdling the earth. Then I woke up.
This was with certainty not an out of body experience but a very vivid vision, the kind of vision I
would get later on when a being wanted to give me a message. It is presumably easier for both sides
to make contact if they “meet in the middle” so that none has the leave ones own plane or sphere. No
“consciousness-vehicle” has to be created (for example an “astral-body”), but it is sufficient to
amplify the “thought images” in order to make contact.
I immediately got both books and compared as I did many times before the names of the spirits of
Abramelin and those of the genies of Bardon. This time I realized at once: The difference can be
found entirely in the sequence by which the names are listed.
Bardon listed the genies in chronological order in the twelve zodiacal signs, starting with the first
degree of the sign and ending with the thirtieth. Abraham von Worms in contrast describes the 360
heads in a different order. He bundled first, all twelve of the first degree of each sign and then lists
all twelve of the second degree of each sign and so forth. This is not completely ground less, because
later it was explained to me by the Genies that there is a correlation between the angels of each
degree in the different signs. For example all the first and second degree Angels or Genies are
positive, electric. They work with the electric fluid of the fire-element and are responsible for
everything that that has to do with creativeness, personality and strength. The ninth, tenth as well the
nineteenth, twentieth, twenty-ninth and thirtieth degree in contrast have by some means or another to
do with the water element or with the magnetic fluid.
Because of the law of polarity, the influences from the zone girdling the earth are also arranged
analogous to the elements, and the heads (of the zone girdling the earth) use the services of
beings responsible for the implementation of the work in the material world. This led to the false
assumption that the princes of the elements which had been demonized by the Catholic church,
like Lucifer, Belial, Santania, ect. are ranked above the heads of the zone girdling the earth or
therefore the ecliptic. But in reality it is like this: if for example the Genius Malacha. the second
intelligence in the sector of Aries uses the service the subordinates of Lucifer, whereby this is not
effectuated by Malcha itself, but by a subordinate entity.
But not only the quantity – the five elements – are joining the heads of the zone girdling the earth
together but also its effects, therefore the quality. For example: every 26th and 27th degree of each
zodiacal sign are in some way connected with transformation or magic. The heads of the 21st and
22nd degree are in charge of authorities and justice. The heads of the 3rd or 4th degree of each sign
are in charge of love, sex and sexual magic.

In practice it is of great value of course that for a specific wish one contacts more than one head
(Genie) and one assembles a team. Paschan the 169th head conveyed this knowledge to me and
inspired me to design my highly effective amulets and to charge them at the best appropriate
time. The individual heads are not only working together but can be contacted easier at certain
times. Of all this I became consciously aware bit by bit by my contact with the different
intelligences. I now realized at last that I am already in possession of the names of the seals they
belong to and I was able to conclude the experiment which was to last for 18 months seven days
Even if this story sounds fantastic, there is no doubt that Stejnar speaks the truth and that he was
able to make contact with the genies. Although many thousand readers of Bardon’s books also
studied the book of Abramelin, it was not apparent to any of these readers that the spirits and
genies are identical. It is more than coincidence that the seals were exactly revealed at the time
when the 18 months were up. Instead of seeing the seals on a silver-plate he found them in the
books by Bardon. It is the success that counts. For example Crowley describes the conjuration of
a Spirit for the purpose of finding a buried treasure. Instead of finding a buried treasure he
received an inheritance; but Stejnar was able to deliver more poof of his contact with the Genies.
He made contact with the 12th and 40th head of the Zone girdling the earth in order to learn more
about the genies of the Sun and Moon sphere. To his surprise it turned out that the names of the
genies which are listed in Bardon’s: “Practice of magical Evocation” are entirely wrong in the
way they are listed. We cite from Stejnar’s “Schutzengelbuch (Guardian Angel Book)”, page 4:
“The names of the Genies of the Sun and Moon hierarchy are however, because of a regrettable
mistake by the publisher, left in the secret code which Franz Bardon and his friends used in their
notes. Two of the angels: “Concarion” for the Moon-sphere and “Bialoth” for the Sun-sphere
called my attention to this mistake when in my occult researches I occupied my self with the
Moon- and Sun sphere. The decoded names of the Moon-sphere correspond in reality with the 28
stations of the moon from the old traditional sources as they are mentioned in the different occult
works for example by Agrippa von Nettesheim. The 45 angels of the Sun, yield, when decoded
well known names of fixed stars. They are not the actual names of the entities; the Fixed stars
and the Moon stations respectively. They only make it possible for us to find the best time for a
contact with these beings. I will give below the key to this secret cipher in order to finally
remove this mistake for which Franz Bardon is not to blame. He passed away shortly, after the
printing of his work in Czechoslovakia. It was necessary to bring the manuscript to the West and
Bardon had no possibility to rectify the manuscript.
The first Sun-Angel is named by Bardon Emnasut, deciphered the name becomes Algenib, which
is a fixed star in the constellation of Aries. The second Sun-Angel Lubech, when deciphered
becomes Sirah, the third one’s name according to Bardon is Teras which becomes Baten, as well
in the sign of Aries. The same applies to the 28 stations of the moon.
The letter A by Bardon has to be transcribed as E, a B with Bardon becomes an R ; CH is H; D is
M; E is A; F is V; G is W; I is Q; K is Z; L is S; LH is SCH; M is L; N is G; O is U; R is T; S is
N; P is F; T is B; TZ is K; U is I; V is D; W is P; Y is J;
ZH is CH; Z is C.

According to this key all the other names of the Sun- and Moon stations can be translated
properly. The angels that can be found out with this method are only accessible by high initiates
and are not obligated to the Pilgrims of this covenant. The names of the angels which are
standing behind these moon stations and fixed star locations I might describe in my second
volume for the prists and masters. As well, the individual angels of our covenant can be evoked
easier at certain times than the others. Each one occupies a certain degree in the ecliptic, and
during four minutes of each day he can be contacted more easily. For the pilgrims however this
is not of importance because for the time being only a passive contact with the angels is aimed
for and this is possible at any time. I will give more instructions about this to the masters.
The spiritual attitude to the characteristics of the invoked angels is more important than his name
and seal. Franz Bardon transferred him self mentally to the respective sphere of each angel and
described the 360 places of the zone girdling the earth qualitatively. The names of these places
come from older records and are unfortunately, in part, listed incorrectly as well, in the book
“The Praxis of magical Evocation”. In contrast to the Angels of the Sun- and Moon spheres, the
angels of the zone girdling the earth can nonetheless be used successfully in the way they are
listed in the book by Franz Bardon. Although the names which I describe are to be preferred
because the angels respond sooner to these names.
The pilgrim should at first only contact the angels which I list in my book. They are especially
close to human beings because of the amulets which I have made; their path to the terrestrial
realm is easier. The radiant seals which I made created a point of contact which makes it easier
to create a new connection. The more seals of an angels that are available, the better his
influence can be utilized.”
For the sake of completeness at the end of this article, are given the correct translations of all by
Bardon incorrectly listed names of the Moon-Stations as well the names of the heads of these
stations and also the names of the 45 fixed stars when deciphered with the secret alphabet.
Only because the researches by Stejnar, “The Praxis of magical Evocation”, which is a standard
work in the magical literature, became useful. Let us hope that that the publishers Bauer and
Rüggeberg finally will correct the mistakes which obviously can only be explained by the
inability of managers of the publishing houses to understand the essence of magic. Not only was
Stejnar given the task by the Genies to rectify the mistakes in the book: “The Praxis of magical
Evocation” and this inspired him therefore to write “The Guardian Angel Book”.
Through the “Praxis of the mystical Evocation” which Stejnar disclosed for the first time, it
became possible to make contact with the Genies even for persons not trained in magic. This
becomes possible through an indirect pact which the reader makes with the Genies as soon as
he/she connects with the covenant. This invisible brotherhood between the humans and the
genies of the zone girdling the earth again becomes again public, without oat, membership-fee or
other commitments. Every reader can become a member of the covenant as soon as he/she avows
him or herself to the brotherhood. After he/she, during a full-moon night signs his/her pledge it
will suffice to do a short daily meditation at the home altar. As long as he or she avow

themselves to Truth, Justice and Goodness, every head (Genie), which he/she calls up with a
simple contact ritual and his seal, will be assisted.
That these are not empty promises of the Genies is shown by the thousands statements of success
which have been received. German and Austrian magazines are printing series about the miracles
experienced by the happy pilgrims. Not only house-wives, grand-mothers and youths have a
Genie altar at home or are meeting for joint devotional prayers, but also renowned esoterists,
shamans and magicians already walk this path and declare the effectiveness of this method to
contact the Genies of the covenant. Whoever ever tried the invocation of a being, knows that the
most secret medieval invocation formulas only very seldom can lure a gnome from behind the
oven. One gladly uses the simple method of Stejnar even if it smells strongly of incense.


Moon Stations

1. ALNATH Gabriel 
2. ALBOTHAIM Aniziel 
4. ALDEBORAM Azariel 
5. ALCHATA Sekeliel 
6. ALHAMA Dirachiel 
7. ALDIMIACH Michael 
8. ALKAYA Amnedial 
9. ALCHARF Barbiel 
10. ALGLETH Ardefiel 
11. ARDARPH Neciel 
12. ALZARPHA Abdizuel 
13. ALHAYRE Jazekiel 
14. ACHURET Ergediel 
15. ALGARPHA Ataliel 
16. AHUBENE Azernel 
17. ALCHAS Adriel 
18. ALCHOB Egebiel 
19. ALCHALA Amuziel 
20. ABNAHAYA Kiriel 
21. ABELDACH Bethunael 
22. ZODEBOLUCH Geliel 
23. SOBADOLA Requiel 
24. CHADEZOAD Abrimael 
26. ALPHARG Tagriel 
27. ALCHARYA Athemiel 
28. ALCHATH Raphael
Sun-Genies – Fixed Stars

 3.TERAS,      BATEN,         BATEN KAITOS
 4.DUBEZH,     MIRACH,        MIRACH 
 5.AMSER,      ELNAT,         HAMAL *1
 10.BUNAM,     RIGEL,         RIGEL
 11.SERYTZ,    NATJK,         EL NATH
 12.WYBIOL,    PJROUS,        PROPUS
 14.GELER,     WASAT,         WASAT
 18.DABETZ,    MERAK,         MERAK
 20.EMUYIR,    ALIJOT,        ALIOTH
 21.DUBEK,     MIZAR,         MIZAR
 22.EMTZEL,    ALKAS,         ALKES
 25.FIRUL,     VOTIS,         SEGINUS *2
 29.GENA,      WAGE,          AGENA
 32.BALEM,     RESAL,         RAS ALGETHI
 34.ARESUT,    ETAMIN,        ETAMIN
 36.GANE,      WEGA,          VEGA
 38.ERAB,      ATAIR,         ALTAIR
 43.VASAT,     DENEB,         DENEB, ADIGE *7

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